Find Your Brand

Penguin is the ultimate app for finding the perfect brand name for your upcoming business or startup. It can check dozens of social media services and the most popular domain extensions all at once.

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Dozens of Services

Penguin supports over 10 different social media and gaming services as well as the most popular domain name extensions.

Extremely Fast

Penguin excels at getting you results as fast as possible, so you can spend less time finding the perfect name for your brand.

Simple Developer API

Penguin offers a breathtakingly refreshing and simple REST API for developers to use in their apps that takes the fuss out of checking username availability by providing consistent JSON responses.

Modern Design

Who says utility apps can’t look as good as they function? Penguin has a modern, fun look that adheres to platform-specific guidelines.

Bulk Mode


For the power users, Penguin introduces a one-of-a-kind bulk mode to check entire word lists in mere seconds.



Penguin comes packed with a beautiful set of themes to customize the interface to suit your personal style.

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